Stable Manager = Hooves of Fire

Hooves Stable of Fire Stable Manager (Android) has just had a BIG update in the Google Play Store.

This latest release gives Stable Manager identical features to the current WebGL version of Hooves of Fire. Now players can use mobile or the Web version to manage their stables, race their horses and a whole lot more.

Features added in this release include:

  • Stable designs and adjustments
  • Horse Profile Progeny tab
  • Horse Pedigree tab
  • City Hall
  • Equipment filters
  • Airport redesigned
  • Hall of Flame
  • Achievements tab on user profile
  • Tutorial added

Stable Manager is free in the Google Play Store. VIP’s will be able use Stable Manager ad free, non-VIP’s can still download the app free (with ads).

If you have an existing Facebook game account, find out how to link it to Stable Manager.

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