Rubber Duck Software is an Australian developer of popular social games. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, our goal is to produce games that are creative, interactive and endlessly entertaining.

Since 2009, more than 2 million people around the world have played one of our games; the original Hooves of Fire – a horse racing game, Hooves Reloaded a rework of the original game designed specifically for mobile, or Hounds of Fury – a greyhound racing game designed for the casual gamer.

More recently, we have been developing an online multiplayer gaming platform called Neon Pizza which hosts an array of free-to-play, online games including trivia, music bingo and various other user-customisable games. All of the games are designed to be played interactively either in person or over videoconference using PC or mobile.

The company was established in 2000 and was originally involved in the development of innovative software applications for a wide range of businesses, including tertiary institutions, OH&S, consulting, industrial suppliers and advertising agencies.

Rubber Duck Software takes its name and inspiration from the lovable bathtime toy. It is also a nod to rubber duck problem solving and debugging – the process of explaining detailed problems to a rubber duck to come up with new insights, ideas and solutions.