hooves of fire

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Play the original real time multi player horse racing game on Facebook or on our website at www.hoovesoffire.com
Breed with your own horses or other players horses to improve their bloodline to have the best racer.
Bet on races or race your own horse to win great cash prizes.
Hooves of Fire challenges you to raise a stable full of champion horses and race them against other players or your friends in exciting real time races.
You begin the game with a newborn horse, which you can name and customise. Once that’s done you will need to feed, groom and train your horse before heading off to the races. View the odds, place your bets and you’re off and racing!
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hooves reloaded

Hooves Reloaded challenges you to manage your own stables and ultimately become a prize-winning horse owner and breeder! You can train your horses, enter them in races, bet on other races AND win prize money.
As players increase their bankroll they are able to breed better horses and move from Beginners level up to a higher level where the competition is tougher but the rewards are even greater!
The game also has interactive and social features, friends can help out by feeding and brushing horses to keep them in top condition. Players also have the option to stud their prize winning stallions out for other players to breed with.
Join the fun at www.hoovesreloaded.com
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pizza runner screenshot

pizza runner

Pizza Runner is a GPS based game designed to encourage players to be active. The aim of the game is to expand your pizza shop and menu by making deliveries and earning tips.
The game uses your mobile device’s GPS to turn your home into a virtual pizza shop. You are in charge of deliveries and collecting ingredients to increase your cash flow and expand into a thriving pizza business.
Get out into the real world and walk, run or ride to make your deliveries to customers in your local neighbourhood.
The game rewards you bonus cash for longer distances travelled and extra tips for delivering pizzas quickly. Scores integrate with Google Play Games so you can compete against friends!
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