Get Racing with Stable Manager

Stable Manager (Android) has an update available which means you can now enter races on your mobile (not view races just yet). Make sure you have Hooves Passport activated so you can login. Grab the update here and get racing:… For details on Hooves Passport see the Wiki:

Grand Master Level for Hooves Reloaded

Android users will be able to download the latest update for Hooves Reloaded directly from our website.

The new update includes the “Grand Master” level for horses rated 77-89. The new level promises higher purses for winning and more challenging racing!

Check the download page to make sure your device is compatible with the new update before downloading.

Hooves Reloaded Update

Hounds of Fury Minor Update (Android)

The new version of Hounds of Fury in the Play Store allows creation of guest accounts and email logins to resolve issues with Google Play Games login failures.

hounds of fury on google play

Anyone having issues logging into their existing account after the update, please make sure you click the “Sign in with Google” button to access your kennels.

Freezer Upgrade for Hardcore Players

Hooves of Fire Hardcore players will now be able to expand their freezers beyond 20 slots using Hofcoins. Players requested the expanded freezer in a recent poll of Hardcore players. We have added in Hardcore freezer expansions under Freezer Management on the Hooves of Fire website.

The first additional freezer slot will cost $2500 Hofcoin and the cost to purchase more will increase as players expand their freezer.

Hooves of Fire 10th Birthday and more…

Hooves of Fire has celebrated its 10th Birthday with a birthday cake treat, party hats and a special game update.

hooves 10th birthday

The Race of Evolution will allow Hardcore players to evolve their Pedigree 30 horses into Pedigree 31’s and race in their own exclusive country.

To read more about the update, see the Hooves of Fire Wiki

We have also added a fix to Hooves Reloaded so that races will display properly on the web version.

Updates for Hooves Reloaded and Hounds of Fury

Both Hooves Reloaded (Android v. 2.710) and Hounds of Fury (Android v. 2.35) have had recent updates so make sure you have the latest versions for new features and bug fixes.

Hooves Reloaded has had some fixes applied for issues with certain mobile displays and betting. The high rollers can now place bets in the billions+

Hounds of Fury has some new features, including a a weekly PVP challenge where the winner takes out $25k prize money and a special item. A new shop item, the Time Remote, lets you speed up player races so you can rack up wins (or losses) even quicker!

Play Hounds of Fury on PC

Rubber Duck Software has just released Hounds of Fury on the web!

Players can now create their own web-based accounts using Google, or play their existing game accounts on both mobile and the website version of the game.

In game chat can be viewed alongside or underneath the game window depending on how wide your screen display is.

May your racing be ever furious!

hounds of fury on pc

Release The Hounds!

Hounds of Fury has now been released on Google Play for Android devices. Version 2.10 includes Grade 3 races and a faster breeding schedule!’

New Stuff:

  • Hounds may now advance to Grade 3 races after 2 wins in Grade 4
  • Hounds will now be demoted one Grade lower if they do not show (or better) for 5 races
  • Puppies will now be born after 8 hours
  • Fixes for minor bugs in crafting

Get Crafty with Hounds of Fury

A new update for Hounds of Fury has just been released on Google Play.

Collect crafting materials from winning races and create special equipment for your hound to wear. Equipment crafted has potential bonuses that improve your hound’s stats, prize winning or even life span!

For more info on how the new equipment crafting works, see the Hounds of Fury Wiki here:

Make sure you get the latest Hounds of Fury update from Google Play!

hooves reloaded on google play

Hooves of Fire Stable Manager – Now Free to Play

Hooves of Fire Stable Manager has been given a brand new interface and is now available for both non-VIP’s (ad supported) and VIP players. No excuses for starving horses or missing training!

You will need a Hooves Passport and an existing Hooves of Fire account to login.

Download Stable Manager now on Google Play.

Hooves of Fire Stable Manager is now available on Google Play!

PVP Greyhound Racing in development

We are excited to be working on player vs player (PVP) racing in Hounds of Fury. Using Google Play Games turn-based/multiplayer features, you will be able to challenge your friends or even random players to head to head matches. Races will happen instantly once a player accepts the challenge and both players will be able to view the race in action.

PVP racing will be available in an upcoming beta release of Hounds of Fury, stay tuned for more details!

houndsoffury pvp racing

Extended Hound Stats and Special Dog Treats in Hounds of Fury v 1.61

A new beta version of Hounds of Fury is now available on Android.

New features include a hound customiser (name and colour your hound), extended hound traits and performance analyzer. The performance analyzer will give you insight into your hounds characteristics, such as strength, endurance, focus, reflexes and more. This will help you pick more suitable races and enhance your chances of winning.

Furious dog biscuits from the Shop reduce dog fatigue so you can keep on racing!

Get Hounds of Fury on Google Play:


New Hounds of Fury Beta 1.5 – Stock up on dog food and toys!

The new Android beta of Hounds of Fury adds finer control over your hound management so you can aspire to be a top greyhound owner!

The addition of the Shop feature means you can now buy food, treats and toys to improve your hound’s health and happiness.

Optimise your hound for running on dry tracks by putting them on a diet of lean mince. Or fatten them up with Bulk Chow so they run better on wet tracks.

Save up your hard earned race money to buy dog toys to improve your hound’s happiness. Happy dogs are speedy dogs!

New features in Version 1.5 Beta

Here is a list of what’s new in Hounds of Fury:

  • Shop added
  • Treats, food and toys can be purchased
  • Health and happiness stats on hounds are now implemented
  • Option to purchase third kennel to expand your earning capacity
  • Hound training success rate increased.


Train Your Hound: Hounds of Fury Update

The latest beta version of Hounds of Fury means you can now improve your own hounds via training.

Train your own hound every 8 hours in either strength or endurance.  Training may or may not be successful depending on your hound’s training stats.

Strength training will improve your hound’s performance over shorter track distances (<450m). Endurance training will improve your hound’s performance over longer distances (>450m).

Hounds can also now advance to Grade 4 for higher prize money.

New features in Version 1.40
+ Train your dog in strength/endurance
+ Grade 4 level races added
+ Win 2 grade 5 races in a row to advance
+ Wheel of Fury maximum cooldown reduced to 1 hour
+ Game tips on load screen
+ Other minor fixes

Please make sure you update to the new version to avoid any game play issues.

If you previously went broke or into minus game cash due to a bug in the previous version, your cash balance will now be restored.

Download the new beta on Android


Support Hounds of Fury and Earn Special Rewards!

We are reaching out to ask for your support for our new “Hounds Of Fury” campaign on Indiegogo.

There are three ways to help our campaign:

1. Contribute – even small contributions raise the popularity of the campaign and gives more visibility on the site. You will also get some special pre-launch rewards for your contributions!

2. Post to Facebook – the more people hear about the campaign, the more likely we are to meet our target!

3. Download the beta app and play it!

Updates for Hooves of Fire and Hooves Reloaded

A big week of updates here at Rubber Duck Software with new versions of both Hooves of Fire and Hooves Reloaded released.

The Hooves of Fire update covers off on a number of player suggestions. The new Freezer Management feature includes the ability to search for specific horses and set horses free directly from the freezer. It is also possible to see if frozen horses are steroided. This feature works hand in hand with the new steroid only/steroid free racing option we added to Private Countries. VIP’s can access the new Freezer Management feature via

Hooves Reloaded has released version 2.601 on Android and on the website at iOS version to follow. The new update adds in a new “Mythic” level racing for horses rated 57-69 as well as Mythic Cup races. A feature to view the parentage of your horses was also added and some tweaks to Cups entry requirements and prize money were made. Full details available here.

We will now be focusing on more additions for Hounds of Fury with the possibility of some minor updates to Hooves of Fire and Hooves Reloaded along the way.

hooves reloaded

Hounds of Fury: Android Beta Testers Wanted

Our latest racing game, Hounds of Fury, is seeking volunteers to help us test a closed beta release. Currently the game has functional chat, virtual betting and racing (AI dogs only at this stage). If you would like to help out you will need an Android device and a Google Play games account to test. Please send us a message with your gmail/g+ account email address so we can add you. You can also join our beta group on Facebook or visit the Hounds of Fury website for more information.

hounds of fury

Greyhound Racing Game: Hounds of Fury is in Development

We are super excited to announce our new greyhound racing game, “Hounds of Fury“, is currently in development. The game will build and expand on our previous games (Hooves of Fire and Hooves Reloaded). Our aim is to create the best greyhound racing game ever! Hounds of Fury will be built in stages. Stage 1 of development is already underway. This stage involves creating a base game for Android mobile which includes racing and betting. If you would like updates on how the project is progressing, make sure you subscribe at or follow us!

hounds of fury betting

New Cup Races and Expanded Levels for Hooves Reloaded

Version 2.506 of Hooves Reloaded has just landed for iOS/Android/Web and Facebook! The new version has some great new features;

– an expanded level (Legendary) so that players can continue to breed past rating 50
– a dedicated country for Cup races with a range of qualifiers

To read more about Cup Races, check out the wiki here:

You will need to update to the latest version to access the Cup Countries and new “Legendary” countries.

cup races hooves reloaded

Hooves Reloaded on Facebook

No mobile, no problem! You can now play Hooves Reloaded on Facebook or on the new Facebook Gameroom.

Facebook Gameroom is a free Windows desktop gaming client for Windows 7 and up. Gameroom allows you to play games outside of the Facebook news feed, in a standalone window.

Download Facebook Gameroom

Play Hooves Reloaded on Facebook

Play Hooves Reloaded on Facebook

Hooves of Fire Birthday and Holiday Celebrations!

First of all Hooves of Fire is celebrating its 7th Birthday today! A big thank you to everyone who has made this possible, especially our VIPs and supporters, both past and present.

Check the shop for a special birthday treat 🙂 The treat will only be in stock for a very limited time. The cake is better than watermelons and best of all – its free!

Hooves of Fire cake

Also, have you been naughty or nice this year? If you’ve been nice, you might win a rare and special present for coming first in a Cup race before December 25. Every time you win a Cup, there is a chance you may also receive a present!* (*Open Cups excluded)

special hooves gift

New update for Hooves Reloaded Website

The web version of Hooves Reloaded at has just received an update. Main features included in the update are interface and navigation improvements as well as some fixes. Visiting the stud farm, you should now be able to see available studs at a glance instead of having to click through all of the ratings to find an available stud. You can create an account to play just on the website or login with the same account that you play on mobile.

hooves reloaded screenshot